Argentina – a beginning

So, I managed to arrive safely in Buenos Aires, with only a couple minor hiccups. My 9pm flight was delayed until 11, so I missed the connector in Miami that was supposed to take me to San Jose, Costa Rica, and then Lima, Peru, and then finally Buenos Aires. So, since I missed that one, they were nice enough to put me on a direct flight from Miami to Buenos Aires, but that didn’t leave until 11:30pm, when I arrived in Miami at 7:30am. Anyway, that is a long, long time to spend in an airport, and i think i bought food four different times.

So, the flight down to BA was an overnight as well, and by the time i got here, two overnight flights split by a 16 hour layover in Miami International Airport, i was ready to shower and put on clean clothes. Except that American Airlines lost my backpack. If anyone has ever cared about the news and watched CNN in an airport all day long, you will understand that I was not in the mood for delays. No bed or shower for more than two full days makes me unpleasant to be around. CNN makes it worse.

They played the same news over and over again, with their developing story being about some kid who helped to kidnap some other kid. Other than that, Wolf Blitzer interviewed Dick Cheney, and pissed him off with a question about his pregnant lesbian daughter. Every host after that then talked about said pregnant lesbian daughter, identifying her as such, and then asked if the question should have been asked. They were, for some reason, content to spend the day resaying what they had already said, and talking about what they had said earlier. Pregnant Lesbian Daughter, no picture available. Anyway, so my backpack is gone, but that may be just as well, because I put some lotion in it, that I did not put in a plastic bag first, so I’ve got a feeling that none of those clothes are in great shape anyway. So, I am dirty, smelly, and even though I’ve showered, my clothes still reek, and it’s hot and humid. I am stuck staying in the hostel I told the airline I was staying in so that they can try to find me, should my bag turn up. Perfect start.

The hostel is downtown here, which is kinda like a mini-run-down Times Square in New York. It also looks a lot like Panama City, but I haven’t been to the posh bits yet. And, for everyone who didn’t know, today is Australia day. When Ozzies celebrate, umm, something. None of them can quite tell you, except that they don’t go to work, and get drunk at a barbecue. So, we’ll see what happens tonight. Oh, and Argentinians definitely look more like Europeans than other Latin Americans. And every man, and many women, between 18 and 35 has a mullet. I shit you not. Some in the uber-hipster trendy vein we see at home, many not, though. It’s frightening. I may grow one. And a moustache.

Further notes: If you plan on taking a trip in the near future, but extra underwear and socks in your carry on. It will make you happy. And there is a danger in new tattoos that no one told me about, so I thought I would share it with you. Say you have one tattoo, and you like it a lot, and you decide to get another one. You research the art, the artist, and go for it. It turns out great, and you’re really happy. Except. Except that the formerly bad-ass tattoo you had before that you loved, you don’t really like as much anymore, because it’s not as cool as the new one. And they don’t completely match, so you need some more work done to fill in the sleeve. Dangerous. Anyway, life is good. More later. Holler atcha boy.

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