is this the moment that my heart breaks

was there a time, a plan for me

is there a specific time for aches

toiling toward my tumbled destiny

is the present passed, the future lost

did we run out of time

for tossled twisted pretzeled limbs

for bound blind dreams of two as one

for connecting deep imagined bliss

for one long lingering lasting kiss

to stop the wheels of time

for sun and sea, to deep internal ecstasy

in which you’re forever mine

did passing days and ravaged hearts

beget their truths devine

was each embrace, in your consuming face

tempered with a sign

all lovers lost, all broken hearts

on burro’s back, heave their sack

of doubting questions brushed with black

of quizzing, quilted, hushed attack

if this was writ from whence you came

was it all as real, our candy cane

as the twilight of my mind

if my chance was sullied from the start

our love lost, our lives apart

a lurching, bleeding broken heart

how could I have missed the sign

should I have known as did our time

that now a nevermore aligned

to make you never mine

and now I sit, stir and spin

replaying distant future not

present lost to past but quick

a tingle, firm, the nervous tick

our bodies lost in others’ sweet stick

our minds come one, intimate begot

wordless knowing, tactile growing

promised breath, heaving skin

a pause, a look, begin again

a gasp, a grasp, a moment lasts

the shake, the pull, the quivvered glow

our furtive, desperate, tensile show

all at once, and back to slow

trust complete, hearts replete

in your eyes no more discrete

at last to be completely got

freed from need of more to seek

lost to time, a year, a week

a question asked, an answer sought

connection deep and true foresought

forever now, tomorrow not

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